iStaff - A Complete Solution for Staffing Agencies

The iStaff System is a staffing software which comes with a comprehensive set of automated features, streamlined to cover the entire staffing process. From job orders and candidate screening to time reports, invoiced and paid jobs.

With synchronized and interactive interfaces, the iStaff System lets you bridge the gap between your business and qualified personnel. You can create an unlimited number of job openings and publish them to your own job board. Automated functionalities let you handle interested candidates, submitted requests, onboarding, document sharing, time reporting, payments, evaluations and more.


Simplicity focused

iStaff wants to make your everyday life easier. That’s why we developed a system to streamline work on otherwise time-consuming administration.


When you manage thousands of prospects, you know how time-intensive it can be to notify them when opportunities arise. But with iStaff, you can automatically send new job opportunities by mass email and mass texts to suitable candidates.

Unique solution

The system is incorporated is developed in accordance with GDPR directives such as handling of mass registered personnel data, display of social security numbers, handling of account information, block and unsubscribe management for email and text messages.


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