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Synchronized Interfaces

The iStaff System is composed of two halves. The Admin Portal and the Talent Portal. The two are linked and synchronized in real time, when documents or requests are uploaded, or when new positions are created, they will be immediately available in the other. This live synchronization makes for quick job placements and ensures you’re always up to date with your candidates.

Admin Portal
Talent Portal

Staffing list

Admin Portal

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Candidate Profile

Talent Portal

Candidate Assignment

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Talent Portal

Admin Portal

The admin portal gives you full control and personalization over your iStaff System. The system will allow you to streamline your entire staffing process, from job creation, to candidate screening to automating contact with candidates. As an administrator you’ll be able to post positions, set reminders within the system, request specific documents, provide documents to candidates to download and much more.

  • Administrators can mass register jobs, clients and candidates to save you time and effort. All of these can also be created individually.
  • Set up internal reminders for callbacks and automate text and email contact so you’ll always be attracting clients and keeping qualified candidates in the know about upcoming positions and interviews. You can also create and approve time reports directly from the admin portal.
  • Administrators can create job postings, clients, locations and much more. With this it means regardless of how much you grow, or how far you spread, iStaff will grow with you. You’ll also be able to set up additional administrators so you can keep track of who is covering what no matter where they are.
  • The Executive Dashboard will give you insight into status trends, individual administrator performance and bookings. Making sure you’re always able to look forwards and constantly improve.

Talent Portal

When you create jobs as a system administrator, they are automatically published to the candidate portal. Here candidates will see available and upcoming positions with job details, descriptions, a link to the clients website and HD location information powered by Google.

  • The talent portals job search section allows candidates to search jobs and submit their interest in any open or upcoming positions within their registered qualifications and/or competencies. Submitted interests can be supplemented with desired pay, comments and uploaded documents.
  • Creating a profile on the talent portal grants candidates to opportunity to view and search positions as well as being able to upload any required documents for individual positions. The candidate can also upload a profile picture, input availability detail. Candidates can also upload documents for, or download documents from, administrators.
  • Candidates can also avail of the Bookings section. Here they will be able to oversee their positions and information. Including: Submitted interests, booked jobs, submitted time reports, approved time reports and completed jobs. The system can be accessed by any internet connected device so your staff will always be able to report timesheets or provide you information or check their time reports and payments.

Our Key Features

Executive Dashboard

Executive dashboard that generates a complete overview of the company’s past, present and future placements.


Quick and easy overview of financials such as costs, fees and forecasts. As well as tools to help automate reimbursement.

Mass e-mail & texts

iStaff automates candidate and client mass e-mail and mass text message permitting you to send info to candidates and clients in a bulk to hundreds of thousands at a time.


Graphs showing placements based on selected time-periods and future placements offering multiple filtering possibilities.


Built in checklists makes candidate-screening easy and fast, enabling the user to review candidate expertise, experience, credentials and documents with a click of a button.

Mass Registration

The simple and fast candidate and client mass registration enables you to integrate hundreds of thousands of candidates and clients at a time to the system in a number of seconds.


Our end-to-end process guides you through all the necessary steps to match applicants with jobs.

1. New incoming job

When you receive a new job the system will assist you with uploading all info for qualified candidates to view.

2. Mass e-mail & texts

Reach thousands of applicants via e-mail or texts within seconds.

3. Screen applicants

The systems screening checklist helps make sure the candidates are the right fit before being presented.

4. Applicant bookings

When one of your candidates are booked for a job the system will help confirm dates and information will be accessible for the candidate to see.

5. Smooth timesheet

Once the job is completed our smart timesheet will simplify making payments.