Multiple functions within one single software system customized to streamline processes and information within the entire staffing organization.
To have a system fully synchronized across all departments can be immensely conductive in optimizing business operations to improve efficiency and boost growth. The user gets accurate real-time information including full financials, sales, management and finance departments.
The executive tools are adapted to supervise and control staffing operations and consequently drive business towards maximized revenue and profit. Our ERP software will make each employee's job easier, which leads to increased productivity.

Features that will increase your productivity

Executive Dashboard

Executive dashboard that generates a great overview of all the aspects of the company’s past, present and future placements. Providing both general and detailed insight of the company’s key numbers such as trend statistics, periodic comparisons, both team and individual performances and much more.


Graphs showing placements based on selected time-periods and future placements offering multiple filtering possibilities which constantly drive business towards maximized revenue and profit. Choose to see relevant graphs showing real-time data ensuring budgets, projections and prognosis are met.


Quick and easy overview of financials such as costs, fees and forecasts. Filter parameters through geographic region, time span, profession, sales and much more.

Candidate Login

Applicant login function providing an advanced web self-service which offers candidates the opportunity to update their profile with personal details and relevant documents. They can make specific requests, view job opportunities, log their availability, time report electronically and overview the payment process.

Candidate Activity Log

The candidate activity log lets the user track the activities and actions relating to the applicant. Examples of this would be jobs they are currently looking at, last login date, registration date, the number of times logged in since registration etc.

Responsive Design

The system is designed to help the user work sufficiently by using color schemes and it is also designed to let the user get an overview of as much information as possible on one page.


Built in checklists makes background-screening easy and fast, enabling the user to review candidate expertise, experience, credentials and documents with a click of a button.

Invoice Tracking

Invoice tracking which allows the user to quickly find electronic timesheets, booking confirmations, full financial info etc.

Online Timesheet

Your candidates can track their hours with our time management system which can handle the entire process from logging the weeks they’ve worked, to salary payments, as well as managing invoicing to the client.

Mass E-mail & SMS

Candidate and client mass e-mail and mass SMS permitting you to send e-mail and SMS to candidates and clients in a bulk to hundreds of thousands at a time informing them of new job opportunities. You are also able to save personal templates for job opportunities or follow-ups.

Mass Registration

The fast candidate and client mass registration enables you to integrate hundreds of thousands of candidates and clients at a time to the system. You will be able to filter search in the system and add comments, documents and information to each candidate and client uploaded in your system.


Whether you want to send out a new job to candidate or confirm a booking - the system will hold unlimited number of templates personalized for each occasion. Any user can save templates and update them to fit their needs.


Our end-to-end process guides you through all the necessary steps to match applicants with jobs.

1. New Incoming Job

When you receive a new job the system will assist you with uploading all info for interested candidates to view.

2. Mass E-mail & SMS

Reach thousands of applicants via e-mail or SMS within minutes.

3. Screen Applicants

The systems screening checklist helps making sure they are the right fit before being presented to your client.

4. Applicant Bookings

When one of your candidates are booked for a job the system will help confirm dates and information will be accessible for the candidate to see.

5. Smooth Timesheet

Once the job is completed our smart timesheet will make payments and completion of the job an easy process.